"A history of violence and comedy"-

Randal Reeder

About Me

“I create because I must”


Randal Reeder was born in the Houston Texas area to Russell Reeder Jr., a plumber/entrepreneur and Glenda Reeder, a housewife and horse lover. At 18 years old Randal began training as a pro wrestler and before the age of 20 was on ESPN's Global Wrestling Federation TV worldwide, daily.

Having set his sights on acting, Randal's career has led him to iconic roles in films ranging from “cult classics” and comedies like Sin City, Idiocracy, Grandma’s Boy, Harold and Kumar 2, 21 Jump Street, Deadpool, etc., and playing opposite Edward Norton in Leaves of Grass while being directed by Tim Blake Nelson and opposite Josh Brolin while being directed by Oliver Stone and co-stars, guest-stars and recurrings in TV shows like Walker Texas Ranger, ER, Reno 911, King of the Hill, Workaholics to name a few and in 2016 being cast as a series regular on the Sitcom, Hitting the Breaks.

Randal, not being the type to merely “wait on a phone call”, drew upon his past life as a pro wrestler and began to get more serious about writing, directing and producing in 2007, writing and directing his first short film Wrestler’s Cocktail. Next in 2009 Randal teamed up with two of his oldest friends from his days in the ring to write, direct and produce his first feature film For Whom He Tolls which garnished them some accolades on the film festivals circuit.

In 2010 Randal decided that he missed the outdoors but needed to continue to make his living in front of the camera so he produced an outdoor cooking show named KIllin’ N’ Grillin’. Later named KNG Chronicles, it quickly became one of the top TV shows in the outdoor world, nationally, airing for 2 years in primetime on 2 of the 3 outdoor networks, Sportsman Channel and Pursuit Channel with a total of 45 episodes.

Today Randal balances his acting career and his career as a producer to continue and do what he loves!